A partner in healthcare since three decades

Inthera has been for many a trusted partner in healthcare since its founding in 1991. Our primary goal is to provide state-of-the-art services to pharmaceutical companies with regulatory affairs, distribution of products and representation in Hungary and in the European Union.

We also specialize in the procurement and wholesale of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and nutritions, both from sources inside and outside Europe. Our partner network enables us to constantly find new, reliable sources for almost all products on the market.

Our Services

Regulatory support

Regulatory support

Regulatory affairs is a crucial point for all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and outsourcing it requires trust and confidence in a company. With our 30 years of knowledge in RA, we have already won the trust of some industry giants, and we believe we can also be a perfect match for you.
Our scope of activities cover almost all fields of RA, from product registration to assembling dossiers.

Wholesale and Distribution

Inthera has been a wholesaler of various medical products since a long time. We have a WDA (Wholesale Distribution Authorization) since 1997, along with a GDP and an ISO 9001:2015 license.

Our portfolio consists of different types of medicines (OTC, RX, generics and hospital lines), medical devices, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

Comparator Sourcing

We are an active supplier of pharmaceutical products for clinical trials all over the world. Our decade long expertise combined with our extended network of suppliers and our high quality standards makes us able to quickly and effectively source products with required documentations ensuring the success of your clinical trial.

Quality Assurance

In our industry only those companies survive on a long term that have an unwavering sense and commitment to quality and the safety of the patients. This is why we vet all our partners extremely carefully to ensure that we only procure from safe and controlled sources both inside and outside the European Union.

All our sources are either EU GDP or EU GMP certified and carefully audited by trusted experts of the industry.

Inthera Ltd. - Your Partner in Healthcare

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