The History of Inthera

The history of Inthera begins in December 1991 in Budapest, Hungary, when the company was registered. As our initial business model, we carried out the domestic registration of diagnostic products and medicines and we also represented the manufacturers on the freshly opened Hungarian market. Registration of the products by the companies represented, determined our company the opportunity to participate in distribution and wholesale activities. For several years, we acted as the exclusive representative in Hungary for many manufacturers, and we carried out purchase and sale via pharmaceutical wholesalers.

After we have established our own infrastructure required to act as a pharmaceutical wholesaler (developing our own warehouse, installation of equipment necessary for receiving, storing, cooling, releasing the goods, software for keeping the files, hardware, etc. purchasing cooling vans), in November 1997, our company obtained the official authorization for the wholesale of pharmaceutical goods from the competent authorities in Hungary. During the past decade we have been exporting a large number of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and nutritional supplements to various countries in the European Union by partnering with pharmaceutical wholesaling companies in different regions.

Currently we are closely collaborating with dozens of manufacturers and wholesalers both inside and outside the European Union. Our main goal is to provide professional services both with Regulatory Affairs and Distribution to our clients, and to ensure that patients receive products of the highest quality in a quick and affordable way. To make this happen, we are always on the look for new partnerships and collaborations globally.

Our Milestones


Mucopront becomes product of the year in 1992 (more than 13,000 liters sold during winter months).


We start to carry out Regulatory Affairs and product registrations for Stada – this cooperation lasts even today.


Half of the donors in Hungary are screened with various tests sold by Inthera.

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