Wholesale and Distribution

Bringing health to your doorstep

Wholesale and Distribution has been our core activity besides Regulatory Affairs since 1997 – that’s when we received our WDA (Wholesale Distribution Authorization) from the Hungarian authorities. Ever since that day, we supply pharmaceutical products, medical and diagnostic devices, cosmetics and nutritional supplements to our ever growing clientele worldwide.

Our global outreach

Our wide network of partnerships enables us to source a wide portfolio of products either from wholesalers or directly from manufacturers. This versatility enables us to keep our prices reasonable, while ensuring our clients that they will receive their requested products as swift as possible.

Logistics and transportation

Supplying and warehousing pharmaceuticals requires specialized knowledge. Because of that we have our warehouse at one of the biggest logistical centers in Hungary, where a staff of highly trained professionals is handling every box of pharmaceutical products. The warehouse is qualified for the storage of pharmaceuticals and has been inspected by the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Agency (OGYÉI).

We only work with logistical companies that are qualified by our Responsible Person and have years of experience with transporting pharmaceuticals. This way we ensure that all products we deliver are under the supervision of experts every minute during storage and transportation, until they arrive at their destination.

Our licenses for Wholesale and Distribution


Authorization for the Wholesale of Human Medicine issued by the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Agency


Good Distribution Practice issued by the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Agency (OGYÉI)

ISO 9001:2015

Inthera is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company.

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